Welcome to the 802VT Alliance…THE NEW VOICE FOR VERMONT

We are a non-profit group of grassroots Conservatives who believe in a small, fair & honest Government run by the people. We realized long ago that there has to be a way for like minded citizens to have access to the candidates and where they stand on important issues. A way was needed to help voters select the candidates who best represents our Constitutional and Conservatives principals, to recruit viable Candidates who are best able to be competitive against the establishment left or Progressive ideology. To this end the 802VT Alliance group was formed in 2018. The time has come to make a stand against oppressive “Big Brother” and return to the spirit of Ethan Allan & the Green Mountain Boys.

The current problems in Vermont will NOT be solved overnight. It will be a long struggle and a 6 year plan has been organized to take back Montpelier, to return Vermont values to her people. 

We can no longer stand by to watch our state implode, to watch our freedoms disappear one by one and continue to be strangled by our own government. The time to make your voice heard is NOW. Your VOTE is the most powerful tool you hold in your hand. It is your civic duty as a citizen of Vermont and the U.S.A. to use that power to control rampant, run away government. Make politicians understand that they work for us, NOT the other way around and that control is at your fingertips.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the 802VT Alliance…THE NEW VOICE FOR VERMONT”

  1. Thank you , John! You have stated the long and short of it. You have done a lot of work on this . It has not gone unrecognized.

  2. Act 250 was the kiss of death given to Vermont as central planners began transforming our state 50 years ago, the tool that made it nearly impossible to thrive and grow by robbing the wealth of anyone who dared seek to prosper from the fruits of their labor or the use of their property.

    It should be repealed as it is a law of convenient excuse, seeking to stifle growth with illusion of protection by government, a pay to play that limits competition through exhausting resourses that would otherwise be considered an investment in prosperity.

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